Chase 2002

MESO regrouped in Kansas City, MO for the first half (Alpha) of Chase 2002. The second half (Beta) commenced ten days later in Wichita, KS and consists of a slightly smaller group.

  • Nancy Bose (Verbank, NY)
  • Allan Detrich (Fremont, OH)
  • John Griswold (Highland Heights, KY)
  • Chris Howell (Ypsilanti, MI)
  • Josh Jans (St. Clair, MN)
  • Brian McNoldy (Fort Collins, CO)
  • Nancy Bose (Verbank, NY)
  • Lisa Dutton (Toledo, OH)
  • Josh Jans (St. Clair, MN)
  • Brian McNoldy (Fort Collins, CO)
  • Mark Morris (Lafayette, IN)
  • Chris Howell (Ypsilanti, MI)
  • Rob Lattery
  • Chris Merrill (Chicago, IL)
  • Bill Tabor (Austin, TX)

  • The Alpha fleet consisted of two vehicles: a Toyota Tercel and a Dodge Grand Caravan. The Beta fleet consisted of three vehicles: a Pontiac Grand Prix, a Toyota Tercel, and a Jeep Cherokee.

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    5/10: Vivid lightning display northeast of Kansas City, MO.

    5/11: Curtain of scud along the rear-flank downdowndraft of a severe thunderstorm near Ellsworth, KS.

    5/11: Thin funnel cloud on the Ellsworth/Rice County line at the intersection of Rts 4 and 14 in central KS.

    5/12: MESO meets Steve Miller and Shane Adams in a gas station in Denton, TX waiting for convection to initiate.

    5/12: Amy Scott, a friendly waitress and new friend of MESO's at Clark's Outpost Restaurant in Tioga, TX.

    5/15: Sunset viewed through a heavy rain/hail shaft from our position 12 miles west of Coats, KS in east central Kiowa County.

    5/15: Brilliant bolt flashing through the rainshaft of the storm west of Coats.

    5/15: Looking north at the same storm as in previous photo, but after about 2 hours, has developed a well-defined mesocyclone.

    5/15: Lightning through the middle and upper portions of the mesocyclone highlight the storm.

    5/15: Another view of the circular structure throughout the rotating storm courtesy of frequent intracloud lightning.

    5/16: Lightning in a strong storm viewed from 6 miles west of Arnett, OK.

    5/19: Making the best of a large ridge over the Plains, the MESO Equestrian Team is formed (Chris, Brian, Grizz, and Nancy) in Maize, KS.

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