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Multi-community Environmental Storm Observatory

Autumn in Michigan
Vibrant colors in the aurora borealis near Fremont, OH on Oct 30.
Photo courtesy of Allan Detrich.


* 11/3: We have added a new Full member to the ranks... Matt Nielsen from Fort Collins, CO is a graduate student and now makes the third member from that city!

* 10/28: You can now order stylish MESO golf shirts. Stay tuned for other MESO merchandise being added!

* 10/18: Another flattering award... Neovizion has given a Bronze Award to this website "to recognize the outstanding achievements of individual designers that continue to help mold the Internet experience for others to enjoy."

* 10/9: We're thrilled and honored to have been received a Canadian Web Award... a rating of excellent for this website being friendly, informative, and unique.

* 9/15: Through a partnership with DonationLine, you can donate your used vehicle (car, truck, jet ski, RV, motorcycle) and help us out while you get a tax deduction. Just fill out the form and select "Multi-community Environmental Storm Observatory" from the drop-down list of charities.

* 6/6: Please visit our Library and check out the latest addition... "Tornado Terrors: The Possible Effects of Severe Weather Events on Children."

* 5/21: We're pleased to announce that we have THREE new Full members this month. Chris Rozoff from Fort Collins, CO, Shawn Hitner from Aurora, CO, and Randy Denzer from Austin, TX have joined the ranks and we're happy to have them onboard. Learn more about them in the Members section.

* 4/23: Thanks to Matthew Swindle of Coppell, TX, MESO got a minor logo facelift. We designed the new logo to be simpler, cleaner, and more bold, and Matt kindly created it for us in vector format, so we can use it for other graphics purposes, such as decals!

* 2/27: Another new article in the Library!... "Fire Weather and Wildfires".

* 1/1: MESO is thrilled to introduce our first and only university chapter, the Minnesota Storm Intercept Association (MSIA), based at the University of Minnesota - Mankato. Be sure to check them out at! If you're interested in forming a university chapter at your school, please !

* MESO compiles a monthly newsletter to update friends, family, and supporters on the status of MESO and its members. If you would like to receive the newsletter, simply fill out this form and you'll be added to the mailing list. To read previous editions of the newsletter, click here.

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