The MESO Association Mission Statement

Dedication: The Mission Goals of the MESO Association are respectfully dedicated to the memory of Mr. David L. Burch, astronomer, philanthropist, father, husband, dear friend, dreamer of dreams, and patron saint of MESO.

What Is MESO?... An informative overview (PDF document)

The MESO Association is organized for the purpose of singly or collectively assisting any community or community agency with the work of public safety, severe weather warning, disaster preparedness, severe weather awareness, and public education in the above areas. Assistance will be provided in whatever capacity possible through the use of combined or individual skills and/or resources.

Basic intent is to operate a Research Vehicle with electronic sensing, weather, and communications gear to allow confirmation of severe weather events, improved warning lead time, and data input accuracy to NWS and Local Agencies; and to implement and improve a public education program focused on severe weather safety and disaster preparedness.

Warning system improvements will be accomplished by constant innovative experimentation with new concepts, technology, and application methods.

The goal is a combination of educational, civic, scientific, and research purposes that as a whole shall be considered as research applied to civic and educational ends for the purpose of assisting with the work of warning, severe weather education, and disaster preparedness.


teaching classJohn teaching students
Part of MESO's Educational Program:
Nancy Bose (left) and John Griswold (right) teaching grade school students about severe weather safety.

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