Chase 1999

On May 27th 1999, MESO reconvened in Kansas City, MO. We had ten members converging on the central plains from all corners of the nation and the world. Chase '99 lasted until June 6th.

CHASE TEAM:John Bender (Yorkville, IL)Markus Binapfl (Uetersen, Germany)Nancy Bose (Verbank, NY)Steve Chambers (Cincinnati, OH)Allan Detrich (Columbus, OH)Chris Howell (Ypsilanti, MI)Geoff Mackley (Aukland, New Zealand)Brian McNoldy (Fort Collins, CO)Ken Meehan (State College, PA)Dave Ott (Dickinson, ND)

REMOTE ASSISTANTS:Jill Borden (Tukwila, WA)Brian Macho (Offutt AFB, NE)

The fleet consisted of four vehicles, a Grand Am, a Blazer, a Grand Cherokee, and one retired ambulance which is fully loaded with the latest storm tracking and communications equipment. This retired ambulance serves as our mobile lab and is what we lovingly call McWAR, the Multi-community Wide Area Resource.

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Steve Chambers returns from McWAR, our mobile lab.

Nancy Bose and Dave Ott discuss plans during a short roadside break.

Late one afternoon, John Bender reflects on the vastness of the plains.

Markus Binapfl stares in disbelief and awe at damage from the 5/3 tornado outbreak in OKC.

An American flag waves proudly over the wreckage left by the 5/3 OKC tornado outbreak.

The freedom of the Great Plains offers many afternoons of casual conversion and eager waiting.

Forecasting is critical at all stages of the chase. A valued phone line (for a modem connection) was found in a train station in rural Kansas.

A developing supercell near Medicine Lodge, KS.

A supercell near Coldwater, KS lights itself up from the inside.

The light show improves as the storm becomes more intense.

Three of our members stand respectfully in front of the approaching storm.

Moonlit thunderstorm (with lightning) near Coldwater, KS.

Ken Meehan observes an approaching supercell.

Two of our vehicles stop in a field near Coldwater, KS to observe a rain/hail shaft.

An ominous sky to the west late one afternoon in south-central Kansas.

One of many small tornadoes that formed on 5/31 near Coldwater, KS

One of the more powerful tornadoes near Coldwater, KS on 5/31.

A distant thunderstorm darkens the western sky.

Mammatus under a developing thunderstorm near Guymon, OK.

A section of a double 180 degree rainbow near Guymon, OK on 6/2.

Sunset near Guymon, OK on 6/2.
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